I've been playing with a band lately and we've scheduled practices for eight in the morning. I play mostly six-string, and I've heard some mention of the cold (I'm currently car-less and have to walk the mile or so to where we meet) being dangerous for the wider neck on six strings. It's about 15-20 minutes and it's been ranging 20-40(F) in the mornings lately. Has anyone had any problems with six stringers and cold? Any suggestions or warnings etc?
I wouldn't worry about it - you might be outta tune but that's about.

Changes in humidity is what usually causes warping and other nasty issues. Cold not so much.
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Mine never cared, but they have stringers.

The Walnut Stringers do better than the more expensive Bubinga.
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Most basses have a truss rod, all you need to do is get it out of the gig bag/case and let it acclimatise once you get there, if you tune it immediately it may go flat as the strings warm up or it may even go back in tune so just let it acclimatise.
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With instruments in general try to avoid rapid/extreme changes in temperature, so when you get there don't sit it next to a heater to warm up, as posted above, let it acclimatise but at its own pace to ambient temp