i stood upon a crowded street
hummed along and tapped my feet
to the music of the people walking by

when through the crowd, a doctor walked
head held low and eyes bloodshot
he stood in front of me and softly said:
"how can you sing in times like these
when tears of anger flood the streets
and fear and blood have stained the ground around?"

so i told him what i think i know
that it takes light to cast shadows
and where there's light, the sun is only hidden
where there's light, the sun is only hidden

so change your strings
while i clear my throat
and we will sing
the song you wrote
and maybe we won't change the world
but maybe we'll make someone, somewhere smile

on the steps of the grey town hall
i whistled soft and tapped the wall
to the beat that i could feel amongst the chaos

and as i set off down the path
a politician stopped and asked
if he could have a moment of my time
he said: "the world is far too warm
and all the boys have gone to war"
and asked how i could sit there whistling songs

i said "i've read of war in history books
and to fill those pages must have took
a thousand tears, but what do tears achieve?"
a thousand tears, but what do tears achieve?

My friend, I really enjoyed this. A smile is all it takes to know what happiness is, even though you know it won't change a god damn thing at first (but by chance you’re followed eh?). This is something I could have imagined being in a theatre or something, kinda reminds me of Les Misérables in a way. It has that sort of feeling, you know what I mean?

Overall, I think you made this into a very special piece. It’s an interesting conceit which depicts the times of war and the way one finds irony through hell and alike. And I think this song is needed in the times that S+L forums have been in a downhill….great chorus btw
Catchy and sometimes clever. I like it.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

chorus made me smile :]
ending made me a little sad. good lyrics, honestly. it's not like, groundbreaking conceptually, but it's well executed and doesn't try to be more than it is and still makes you feel something, from the feeling connected to others emotion to loneliness, it touches it. well done.
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