Thank you for the reviews! Now your tunes: top video: nice walking bass/guitar song. Naked Asian: I think I have seen this before, perhaps commented on it before; technically, the playing was impressive, though I liked the melodic parts by far the best (nice). OK, now for "Summertime": this song is a bit mellow for my taste, though it is really well done. Very nice playing, sounds professional!
hullo, thanks for the crit. Sorry it's taken a few days for me to get back to you!

But: Top vid - nice effort, especially as improvised. It's very relaxing. My only problem is with the recording itself, you get a lot of squeek sliding up and down the fretboard so if you came to record something like this properly that would be something to look out for!

Bottom vid - good playing, you've reminded why I need to learn to fret tap properly.You seem to have the technique down. I do think that you may have overused it though, some of the phrasing could be better if you weren't going fast for quite so much of it.

Overall some well played guitar here!
Thanks Aaron and Weorge, although what's funny (and totally understandable on your guys part) is that in this particular OP, the text in post #1 happens to be so sparse that it looks like my video in my signature is part of the post, so you guys gave me a free critique of my video in my signature, in addition to the first video, LOL!!
Double thanks!!