Looking for some feedback. Just started playing (about 4 mos ago). A few weeks ago I picked up a subcutaneous blister on my ring finger. It has never broken thru, so I have continued to practice but it hasn't got any better. I have found myself favoring the finger and it has challenged practice. Should I stop for a bit and let it heal, or will it eventually toughen up?
I've personally never had a blister form on any fingers, just the usual calluses. But I know people that have had them form before. Definitely do NOT pop it yourself, you risk infection and that will really put a delay on your playing. If it were me, I'd try to avoid playing for a couple days and see if it starts to subside a bit, if it does, then continue to not play until it heals or you feel comfortable enough to play.

Or you could go see a dermatologist if you're worried about it or want it popped/drained professionally.
Yeah man, I would take it easy on playing a few days, see if things improve. I've never got a blister but I did get a nasty cut at work on my left index finger and kept re-tearing it when I played, only solution was to take a break.
When I first started playing in the 70's I had the same problem as I had not developed callouses yet, I practised so much I had to put my fingers in ice water and had a few bleeders. I took my fathers advice ( who is a classical/flamenco player since he was 8 ) and I looked at this in a positive way and just kept practising with my other fingers, it taught me to use my thumb to play on the E and gave me a very strong pinky which is a big weakness in so many guitar players, If you pop a blister with a pin, sterilize the pin first and then swab with alcohol. When I get situations that inhibit my playing I use the trusty liquid bandage and soldier on which would be the next step. Like I tell my 6 year old who I am giving lessons to, just be determined till those callouses develop and enjoy the journey.
Take a break. Let it heal. Don't pop it. In the mean time, do something else that will help your playing, like work on timing or your theory. You don't have to be playing to do that.
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Thanks all, some great suggestions. Think working on some other finger exercises and theory is a good plan.