So I might be recording an album with a band this summer.

Its all going to be on 5 string, however I feel some songs are better suited for fretts and others for fretless.

Is it a good idea to switch back and forth between basses, or should I use one to maintain the same aesthetic? Do you know any bands that do this?

alot of bands switch between basses. Dan in BTBAM used a steinberger fretless on the great misdirect, but I dont think he uses it live. there's no problem with switching back and forth. if it sounds better than so be it. that goes for alt tunings, fretted, fretless, 5 string, 6 string whatever takes the song or performance to the next level then so be it
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Many bassist switch between instruments in a album.
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Part of the fun of recording an album is that you have the opportunity to mix things up without having to worry about swapping gear live!

You need to do what the song needs at the end of the day.
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But any engineer worth his salt will be able to cope with an instrument change no bother.

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It's all about the sound you want to get. If you have a fretless and a fretted, then take em both and switch whenever you feel the need. People won't really notice if all the songs were recorded with one bass and have a consistent bass tone. They WILL however, notice that the bass tone doesn't sound very good in a certain or song or could have been better suited to a different tone.

Try taking both basses to practice. If you think a song might sound better with no frets, try out your fretless and see how the feel changes. See which you like better before you get to studio and have an idea for which you will use. If you think it sounds better and the band agrees, then switch it up. If it's a problem switching live then try to find the best tone on your fretted, but the recording is set in stone. Don't settle for less then what you think is perfect for it.