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I agree!. So you're not a purist after all. While looking for what I have it seems I only have The Hollywood Fats Band. But it's an original PBR so it's all good. As to the pint, is it The Harp, The White Horse or, perhaps, The Jerusalem Tavern? Name your pleasure as it will be mine indeed!
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To ignore, that's probably something to do with copious amounts of cocaine that he was putting away backstage!
I agree with Tuk04. I think in each genre there is musicians that are very good at the technical aspect of things. Meaning they are the top players regarding scale runs and licks and speed picking. But then there are the top dogs of feeling and playing the "Right" notes if you will. For example- Jimi Hendrix[ Has an unreplicatable sound and feeling], Eric clapton, Jimmy Page, SRV ect. There are a lot of good players but you can't compare music to other music. It is an art not a sport. Certain players are good at certain things and thats how I look at it. Kind of a wise aspect of it.
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To me SRV was the greatest. He is by far my favorite guitar player and one of my all-time favorite people.

I think there are more talented guys out there with more musical knowledge, maybe guys that branch out more and create different sounds, experiment with the guitar. Hendrix, Clapton, etc.

But the thing I love about SRV is how true he stayed to the blues his entire career. With SRV you always knew what to expect. He had the same tone, the same sound, heck even the same guitar throughout his career. But even though you knew what was coming, it still blew you away.

He had a passion, dedication, loyalty and soul that was deep in the roots of blues and past legends. It was just amazing to watch him play and drift into another world. He always played with raw emotion and the music looked like it went through his entire body. It was incredible to watch.

The man had a talent and love for music and the blues that to me is unmatched. People often forget this guy revitalized the blues in the 80s and modernized it. He made MTV appearances and made the blues cool again.

He was larger than life, but from what i've read very humble. He is an inspiration and he left a legacy that is unmatched. Listen to his recordings, watch his live performances and every time there will be something about them that will amaze you and leave you in awe. From his ability to play a guitar behind his back better than most play in front, to his powerful hands that could bend strings further than anyone else.

SRV to me is the blues. The best that there will ever be.

RIP Stevie

EDIT: Anyone who likes Stevie should watch his bio on youtube. I think it was an MTV series or something from the 90s, 5 parts? And guitar fans owe it to themseleves to check out his DVD Live in Austin. BEST.PERFORMANCE.EVER.

Dude that is probably the best description of SRV i've ever read.

I miss him, he was made of pure energy.
RIP Legend.
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