Yo UG,

sold da keyboard, invested in amps and pedals:
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A 6505+ 112, a Jewel Drive OD/Boost and a PolyTune.

The 6505, rocks as expected. Took me a while to get tones out of it, but once it's done it's done and it sounds like thousands of warriors stabbing thousands of enemies. It has balls. And the clean channel is amazing and far from unusable. While it's not Fender esqueu, it does sound better than decent.

The OD/Boost cost me a bit but it literally made me say wow when I stomped on it. It's a transparent dual function pedal that doesn't color the tones, just does what it does. I use it to boost Lead channel, or to add extra crunch to clean channel. It's a handmade boutique made in Germany, and the dude who makes them is called Vahlbruch.

The infamous Polytune comes next. The polyphonic feature is certainly nice to see if all strings are in tune or not, but it makes tuning a floyd much easier. The monophonic version is beautiful. All I can say. Really accurate stuff with 0.02 cent accuracy (iirc).

might upload a video and update OP later today to demonstrate some tones that I'm using on this bad boy.
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Glad you finally settled on an amp, hope you enjoy it! The 6505 is a beast!
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I've never played the 112 version but the 5150/6505 is a goddamn beast!!