Hi guys,

My current guitar is an ESP LTD M200FM and I was just wondering if I'd be able to install an 81/85 EMG set in it without modifying the guitar?

Thanks in advance.
What exactly do you mean by "modification?"

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You should be able to, if by "modifying the guitar" you mean take your current pickups out and the EMGs in. You won't need to modify anything else.
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Actually, you do need to change other things; the stock mono jack must be switched for a stereo one, the pots need to be changed for 25k pots and the ground wire to the bridge must be removed. Of course, you need to find somewhere for the battery to go, too.

I'd recommend you wire it by hand, rather than using EMG's solderless system. The solderless system is great when you have the room for it, but if you're careful with your wiring you can do it by hand neater, with less excess wire taking up space. This makes it easier to fit a battery in a guitar which isn't designed to have one.

But yes, active pickups will fit.
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