I want to learn guitar notes and even their staff notation. Does anyone know already app that deserve to be used (to be bought)?
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The best one is the app of daily practice.
Just print out a diagram and play a few frets a day, make a game out of it.
Learning involves memorization, memorization involves repetition. With the app I can learn the notes in the places where I have no access to guitar. The app is more interactive than a drawn diagram. And the main reason is that app can verify my knowledge, asking me questions to identify and locate the notes on the fretboard. I think it is a good and convenient way to memorise the notes.
I have tried some demo apps. I think I have found what I need now. This app has more features than others (for exemple staff notation that I want to learn too). The app has even ear training, many different guitar sounds and many types of questions for training. It is Guitar Note Trainer on google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.punktumsoft.android.guitarnotetrainer