new diddy i've been working on the past couple days. there's a lot of layering and fast notes going on and it glitches up my GP5 a bit, hopefully it doesn't do it for you guys. it's kind of a clusterfuck of different styles, but i think the transitions are okay. this is a work in progress and i'm going to work on adding more riffs and also taking out the repeat and making variations on it instead. the drums during the 5/8 part also need cleaning up a bit, i wanted the second measure of each phrase to sound random-ish but i need to fix it up on parts because one of the variations in particular doesn't flow well to me.

also, if you want, turn auto-brush on the acoustic on. it sounds better and i was lazy so i didn't put the pick strokes in.

anyways... C4C as usual. post with a link to your song.

edit: won't let me upload midi. in class right now so i'll possibly put it all in a zip later.
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