I'd really like to get everybody's UNbiased opinion on my deciding conflict here. I'm receiving a Dual Rectifier Mk.II very soon and I've been looking into replacement tubes and whatnot for gigging. Well I was just going to go OEM swap outs every time since that's what it ships with and it sounds great already but then I saw on the Mesa Boogie site that they offer a SPAX7-A tube for direct 12AX7 swap out. Now it's better quality and more premium sound yakkity shmackity but will it change that distinct sound of the Dual rec?

I would basically order these now and when the head got here I'd immediately swap them and then keep the original 12AX7's for back ups and whatnot. I come here asking this mainly because I've been fooled before with the whole more expensive means better! crap before and I want some pros to weigh in before I make any decisions.
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Not a Mesa expert but I wouldn't buy tubes from them.

NOS preamp tubes are the way to go if you want to invest a bit more money.

I personally would get some JJ 12AX7s, a JAN Phillips 5751 and maybe a Shuguang or Tung Sol and swap them around.

I recommend:
www.hotroxuk.com (if in Europe)