Hey guys.
Need a little help. I replaced my 9-46 strings with 10-52 strings on my Zakk wylde custom LP Epiphone. I am now getting frett buzz.

I've tried adjusting the truss rod, ive altered the bridge, I havent played much with the saddle positioning in the bridge (could someone explain if this makes a huge difference).

When i have adjusted the truss rod the action changes however (turning left - loosening) it raises the action, still buzzes though. Tightening the truss rod lowers the action and increases buzz. however i am not seeing any of this so called 'bowing' in the neck

I dont have anything loose on the guitar if your thinking it is that.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know! i Just want to play already!!!
Can you tell where it is buzzing? Near the nut or near the upper frets?

So you have increased the height of the bridge by adjusting these screws on it?

My guess is the nut is not suited for the thick strings. You may have to get a new nut that is set up for a heavy string gauge. Or try to shim it up a little bit.

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it is buzzzing in the middle frets mostly from like 6-10 on the low e.