Hey guys, I've never been one for gear customising, always been more of a fan of leaving things as they come BUT a few things are making me thinking of trying something different.

I've got a 1980 Silverburst Gibson Les Paul Custom which is basically my dream guitar. Had it since 2007/2008 (I forget) and it's just awesome. The tone from the bass pick up is monstrous and works perfect for sludgy stuff or say Kyuss kind of riffs but here's my question...

Due to the age of the guitar and from things I've read about older guitars, I'm pretty sure the bridge pick up is on it's way out. I've started getting a lot of feedback from it which I don't get from the neck. Due to this I've been debating trying a new pick up in the bridge. I know very little on picks ups so is there any that you guys could suggest I try out? I don't want anything that changes the tone too much, the bassyness is something I dig plus I want the guitar to sound close to how it originally did anyway if possible.

Dimzarios and Seymour Duncans sound cool to me but I don't really know the difference between models. Also not an EMG fan just throwing that out there.

Sorry for the overly long explanation!

Thanks in advance
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I would think you might like seymour duncan pearly gates perhaps?

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