you can get a fret redressed for a small fee.

you just need to make sure that it's not just a kink in a string.
or something like that.

check if the fret has a dent.
or if it's popping out, or a little higher than it should be.

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Sometimes if you get the pickups too close to the strings (especially with single coils) they can do funky things to the strings. Like pull them slightly outta tune, or make the note end prematurely from the magnetic pull. Maybe you've got something like that going on?

And as for hunting down a "dead fret" fret the note and look for light gaps in between the string and every fret between the bridge and where your hand is. If you can't see light between a certain fret and the string, or noticeably less light than the other frets, that's the one causing you problems.
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