So i've hooked up my V-Tone GMX 212 Amp to my Toshiba Laptop

The sounds comes through near perfectly however the problems is that my laptop mic level keeps auto adjusting.

So what happens is i'll be half way through a song or a riff and when the stupid thing decides to kick in (cz ofcourse this is a guitar it's not quiet) it adjusts the recording level (i'll assume this is what it's doing i can't think it be anything else)

And so when i listen back to the song, it plays as normal but half but then goes quiet meaning i can hardly hear the rest of the recording even on full volume.

And then when i try recording again the volume/recording volume whatever is at the same original level before adjusting and recording much quieter.

I know that skype can auto adjust with mics but i'm of course just using the microsoft sound recorder. So im guessing it's an in built part of my laptop.

I've searched online and tried all the usual ticking boxes etc like when recieving communcations do nothing, etc but nothing works.

Reason i think it's inbuilt is my laptop has something called Conexant Smart Audio
So i'll assum it's that that sorts out auto adjusting. but i don't know how to sort this out.

Any suggestions anyone ?
Laptop mic level? I assume that means you aren't using a proper interface? Go read the sticky.
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I'd say the mic cannot go over a certain volume level, so do the whole thing quieter.

If that doesn't work either, get yourself a DAW on which you should be able to record at the volume you prefer.
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