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Really like the sound of the guitar. Can you give me any info on what you did to obtain it? Or that's how the guitar sounds? Sorry for the dumb questions .
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Lol no prob its a good question, I went direct into my computer with usb audio interface then I send the recorded guitar signal into the line 6 pocket pod (setting name is light and snappy under the factory presets) then the and I overdubbed another guitar part into native instruments guitar rig plugin using one of the marshall amps no prestes just dialed the gain down and added some treble lowered the bass below 5 and the mids at 5. Hope that helps!
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The guitar sound is nice man. The vocals were pretty close too!!! I know playng and singing is hard at times so much props to that. The mix was very well done, i challenge you with the drums to make it a little less in the mix as it over powered everything a tad, the bass was placed well and the recording was really together from the solo to rhythm.

I must add that the Solo is from the Original and not done by me
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Nice job with this one mate! I like the tone of the guitar and I thought your voice suited the song. The solo was near perfect too!
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F*** man! This is great! I love the tone, and the singing is on par with it. What I'm more impressed with is the singing and playing, you handled it nicely! Keep it up! I also left a like on the video! Keep it up!
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Hey man, nice job. At first I wasn't sure about the distortion but it grew on me as the song went on. Harmonies are excellent, and I loved the tone of the solo. The only criticism I have is that your voice can sound a bit nasally at times. It's not necessarily a bad thing if that's the sound you're going for, but maybe try singing from a lower part of your esophagus? You might be surprised at the sounds that come out of you, haha.

Overall really good job though, keep it up man.
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Thanks man, yes i agree i sing nasally at times, thanks for the tip I'm kinda new to the singing as I've always focused on the guitar. Its a mission to focus on hitting notes on the guitar and vocals lol. The tone on my guitar is a lot hotter than the one John Frusciante used on the original recording, at first I was going for a cleaner sound but stumbled upon that and that's they way I played it! Again thanks for the tip and check out my Youtube channel if you get a minute and subscribe if you like like ill return the favor.