I'm just curious as to what I should do to move forward with my playing. I've been jamming simple riffs and songs every now and then, but rarely will I look over technique. I see improvement in myself because I'm learning songs, but I never see the structure behind it. I don't know why they chose to play that riff or why I chose to make this certain riff up based on scales. I guess I should mention I'm into death metal so power chords ftw! I don't know too many other chords other than that, which is probably a problem too. I just never totally understood what the purpose of knowing a full scale was and how to integrate it into playing a lick or riff. Also it seems like a lot of scales are really similar which confuses me too >.<

Should I continue to learn on my own or hand out 50 bucks per month for lessons momentarily?
What I would first recommend is that you learn some music theory. There are lots of helpful resources but you have to make sure that you are learning the correct things.(the internet is full of lies ) I guess this is where a teacher would come in. That is their job of course.

I would really try and focus on the how aspect (eg. technique), but rather the why. I will try and not take this too far out of context, but I think you need to have a grasp on what you want in your playing. Only you can decide this. This would essentially be the goal of your playing. I don't like the word goal because It has been a word that gets thrown around a lot and loses its seriousness over time

Once you have that, I would recommend getting a teacher who wants you to become successful in your journey. I believe that with the right teacher or guide, the techniques, scales, chords etc. will be taught to you not only in the way that you would learn the fastest, but also in a way that strives to reach your goal.

Of course the teacher is responsible to 'teach' you things, it is then your responsibility to experience what you learn.

This is just my thought on the path you might want to push towards. But I really do emphasize on getting a foothold on what your reason for playing is.
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Learn your chords and how you can play variations of them up and down the guitar, instead of using the same old chord shapes you can use something that will add variety and will make stuff sound cool. Learn your scales and practice them up and down with alternate picking till you don't have to think about it. Find a book of blues licks get them in your memory then progress towards speed.

That's how I learnt. You don't want to do too much as a beginner/moderate guitar player just enjoy playing the instrument, you will get better in time.