Before i get started i would like to say that the Solo is from the Original Track and not done by me.

This cover was done by my cousin and I a couple days ago. he did the vocals and i did the back track, Same set up as the last videos. Enjoy \m/ (c4c)

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Good job. I like guitar sound, too bad you didnt play solo. Usually i dont like growl style vocals, but that part after solo "Die die by my hand" was very cool, maybe there should be singing two voices it may be even cooler. But even so that part was even better than original.
Keep it up!
The first thing I noticed was how closely the guitar tone sounded incredibly like the original track. The vocals sounded pretty good, but I would advise boosting them a bit higher next time - they sound a bit quiet compared to the guitar. Still, great job, and all in all excellent cover.
Thanks for the feedback guys, next time ill try and lay down the solo my self and do better on the mix with the vocals.
Sounds good, I like the guitars. As for the vocals I can't give any comments cause I'm not intothose type of vocals, I like Bullt for My Valentine type of screaming. But YMMV. Tight rhythms!!
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The guitars definately sound Metalica(ish) there are some strange artifacts every now and then and they get a bit digital sounding but its tracked really tight which gives it that solid feel. Great work man!!! Ohh the vox, something doesnt sound right and im not sure what it is exactly. When he tracked them was he fully commited or did he track them quitely with the pre's turned up really high? He sounds like he is unsure of singing this way.. Is that at all true? Sorry just trying to nail down whats "off" to me.
Thanks for your comments! The Noise Gate that i use cuts the distortion pretty quickly, i should turn down the settings a bit? About the vocals, its actually my fault it sounds this way, I'm still new at mixing vocals in my songs, i usually only have to worry about the guitar, bass, and drums.
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Man, that was good. Good to hear that song with growl cause I'm a growler too xD guitar sounds great and really resembles original. I hope you'll do solo next time