I posted in this forum in the hope of generating responses to my question on a purely technical basis. We can all shout, but unless you can sing or personally know a singer, it's a struggle to compare singing and shouting (speaking 'in tune' as if you're singing) directly. Do the differences lie in pitch? Length of note? Quality of sound? Clarity? Vibrato? Depth? Power? Colour? What does, say, a belted C4 note "have" that a shouted C4 note doesn't? Anything else I'm missing, please add.

Because I, for example, can shout a C4 note (just), but can't belt, let alone sing. But if a 32-year-old Whitney Houston belted a C4 note, what would that sound "have" that means it's not shouting? You can tell that the two notes (my shout and Houston's hypothetical belt) are different, but why? Aside from where the sound is produced in the body, on what basis would you compare the two notes? It's said that belted notes have more timbre, but then so should shouted notes, too? Anyway, hopefully you see what I'm trying to get at with my thread and it makes sense to you
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Like I implied in the other post, efficient cord closure.

OK, so if you heard me shouting a C4 note, how would you know that I have no vocal cord closure? And how would you know that I'm not able to tune my vocal cords to have a cutting resonance? Fine, I just told you I can't do those things But how do you detect whether or not someone has cord closure? And if I shout an A4 and sustain that pitch for, say, 5 seconds, how can you tell that i can't tune me cords? Will you do this through showing me the times when I went slightly over/under pitch? What are you listening for?

It'll be great if your answer is in the form "I'll hear this, this and this, if you have cord closure and proceed to shout a note or attempt to belt a note"