Hello guys!

I'm new to this forum and wanted to ask if you could listen to my songs and to give me some critic.

The songs are all plain pop punk songs.

Bands i took as inspiration are: The story so far, the wonder years, blink-182, four years strong, forever came calling, ...

Thanks for everyone who listens to my songs in advance and sorry for my bad english
It sounds like Chunk No Captain Chunk. Also, double kick drums aren't really a thing in pop punk.


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Well, it sounds a little too heavy for punk, maybe the drums are making it sound like that
Short crit: all the songs feature the same progression and all sound alike. And remove that deadful breakdown from the first song. This is like retarded metalcore meets inbred pop.

I'll give a better crit later.
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Listening now. I personally like it. It definitely sounds a lot like The Wonder Years, and I don't think the drums are bad at all. It's not pop-punk like blink-182 or anything, but it does remind me of some of the newer stuff I listen to.

The songs do sound really similar, and that's my only gripe, but they are pretty well written anyway. I thought it was all pretty good, though. Keep it up.

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