I'm going to play some pieces in order to enter university, it has to be 1 study and 2 pieces that contrast...

I'm having some problems with the study choice, i started with the etude 03 by villa lobos, but my teacher said it's too hard to get ready in 1 and half month, then i tried polymetric studies by dusan bogdanovic, and my friends say it's too easy.

I'm planning on playing: Sergio Assad - Valseana (i'm the one playing in the video)

Bach - 998 allegro

Dusan Bogdanovic - Polymetric Study V

What do you guys think of the reportoire?
Dude if you can play that stuff you should have no problem getting in. I got into music school and still can't play that kind of piece. I'm assuming the first two links are the contrasting pieces. My only concern would be that they aren't that different. One is allegro and very rhythmically rigid, one is slower and free-er, but in terms of the techniques they demonstrate, there's not that much difference from what I can tell. Just something to think about.
a university here in portugal, aveiro

well there's contrast if you think about it, one is a contemporary piece that requires expression and control, other is a baroque piece that requires again lots of control on both right and left hands because you can't repeat fingers on the right and you have to have a strong left hand, contemporary and baroque already implies a big contrast atleast in composition doesn't it? xD

i can play usher waltz and stormbird sonata, those contrast more from the allegro, but they are a little harder than what i should play, so it's a little risky..

i've been playing classical guitar for 2 years and a half, only!...
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you can't repeat fingers on the right

That's absolutely untrue. You can repeat fingers on the right hand if it serves a musical purpose. The only dangerous thing is if you become dependent or make it a habit that you can't break out of. Instrumental pedagogy is all about flexibility. Repeating fingers on the right hand is only bad if you use it as a crutch. There are many situations in classical guitar repertoire where repeating fingers either makes the repertoire easier or is imperative to making a musical sound.
i was referring to the allegro, do you think it's safe to repeat fingers on a piece like that?... i don't think so ...