Waddup Im getting a new interface and didn't understand on how to use my electric guitar with it. Im new at this stuff so I wasn't sure what to plug in to the interface to record my elec guitar. do I plug in the cord from my guitar or something else?
Well what IS your interface? If the interface has an 1/4" jack socket then typically yes you are able connect your guitar to it as long as it has a preamp built in.
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While you can plug an electric or acoustic guitar directly into an interface and record it, the better option is going to be to purchase a microphone, a small stand, and use that to record your electric. You will need to learn how to properly position the mic in front of the cab to get the best sound. There really is not right or wrong way to do it - it just all depends on what type of sound you're after.

A microphone like a Shure SM-57 is a good choice for this role. It will set you back about $100 and is the mic used for this purpose in a lot of the studios around the world. A small mic stand will set you back about $25, or so.
Entirely depending on his gear, ability to run his amp and a decent volume etc.

Amp sims are a perfectly viable and good quality way of recording guitar. Yes amps and mics sound better it's not better for every one, especially not when starting.
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