Hi UG.
I've wanted for a long time to record a bass cover video, but I don't know anything about how to do it. I have an Audigy SE audiocard, bass guitar, Adapter 3.5 with 6.3 female. I tried using line-in, and mic jack, but I've encountered quite a lot of problems. First of all, my line-in sounds only from left speaker and rather weak. If I use mic input, it is better, but the recorded sound is worse in quality than actual sound from speakers. On some tries in Audacity I get looping overlapping sound, because i think it records both what I play and what comes from speakers. On other tries there is delay. My head really hurts, I just want to make covers like everybody else. Please help!
You need an interface, go to the sticky.

The mic input is NOT designed to do what you're trying to make it do.
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