I'm really new to recording by myself so this may be a silly question. i have recently started wanting to record a full album on my own so i went out and purchased a Tascam DP008. this little 8 track if you didnt know has two XLR inputs so i planned to plug my mics into those to record. i havnt received the recorder in the mail yet but I'm curious if i can use my recording program as a tracker and then if this recorder can be used as an interface maybe by using a firewire to mini USB?
You can't use it as an actual interface, but you can transfer the recorded tracks to your PC via the USB output.

What do you mean by recording an album though? If you're thinking about any kind of commercial release, you're going to be better off going to a studio and getting it done professionally. Getting your recording skills up to a level where you could make something high enough quality would take a long time and a lot of practice.

What you have purchased is a good but basic multitracker. It'll be plenty for creating a nice demo for your own purposes and is a good introduction to the world of recording, but it will be too basic for commercial use.
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You'll quickly write better songs only being able to have 8 tracks.
Then go to a pro lol