Hey guys,

So I've got two older Genz Benz 410T XB cabs from forever ago, one sounds great but the other has issues with its speakers. Physical creases and signs of overloading etc etc,

Moral of the story is I need to replace/re-cone these speaks, but the cabinet is discontinued and I'm not having any luck getting information back from GB. Its 600w with 8 ohm speakers, that's all the information I have. Speakers just have GBE 410-8 written on the back. Couldn't find re-coning kits anywhere either.

So does anyone have experience with these cabinets and could recommend some replacement speakers that will work to its specifications..?
Please google "Jammin' Jersey's" in California. See what they have before you spend any money. It's speaker heaven over there.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.