Hey guys, I contribute tabs but I've never posted my own on here. This song is longer, but it incorporates a lot of what defines me as a song writer, which would be melody, groove and progressiveness. This song is just me doing what I do best, though I channel some protest the hero influences and probably some Every Time I Die. My bands feedback was that it was too long, but I'm wondering what you think. Any criticism is welcome!
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The intro riff goes on too long. Cut out half. And stop that silliness with the drums at the riff after.

I like the riff that starts at 39. Honestly, I'd say you'd be better off if you cut out everything before that.
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It just sounds like At The Gates with loads of Hellyeah riffs o.0 And then there's that out of place 'death metally' dual lead guitar around half way, and it turns very metalcorey for the rest of the song. I didn't really like it that much.

For actual crit, well at least everything all works melodically, but some bits just dont gel well with each other. The half time bridge with the bass fill and big extended chords sounds like it come from a different song and doesn't really fit with the theme in the title (if you were going for that). A lot of riffs were incredibly average but were repeated for longer than was needed, such as the outro. The solo at 247 was decent, if harmonically bland. Throw in some blues notes to make it fit and liven it up a bit. At 113... its an idea that doesn't feel like its part of the song at all. Its like one of those climactic Trivium solos that destroy worlds even though most of the song is like, slow and bluesy.

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