Hey guys! Just got my first HD filmed/recorded cover down today... playing some jazz for a change. Some metal and neoclassical covers are on their way soon also. Comment, crit, rate, subscribe and enjoy!

And of course, C4C if requested.

Joe Pass - Blues in G Cover
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Very Nice. And a nice tone from an unlikely jazz guitar. My only suggestion would be to play with a track -- even if it's a pre-recorded swing blues in G. I'm sure you can find that. It's admirable that you learned his solo, but with a few twists you can make it your own.
The original was just done acapella so I wanted to emulate that with my cover. It would sound pretty good with a backing track too though, I might try and do a version of that as well. Thanks for the crit, I appreciate it! Its my first jazz cover so I'm still developing my own style but I would ultimately like to be able to throw in a few improvised choruses in the same style as well.
Jazz isn't really my thing but great playing and tone anyway!

Checked out some of your other videos too and I really like your attention to detail in the phrasing etc. That's what I try to do as well. Sometimes you hear a guitarist and is technically perfect but completely disregards any of the phrasing that makes the solo great. Keep it up mate!
Nice tone you got there. I like the hybrid picking. Never really managed to get it down myself, not that I practised it too much. Good job overall, really makes me wanna try and learn some jazz theory.
I don't listen to jazz, but I could definitely appreciate this cover.

Awesome playing man. You're way beyond my level, and the cover was pretty much, 99% flawless, so it's hard for me to crit.

A low volume backing track would have been nice, but not essential.
Some of your other metal covers are great as well.

Overall, very catchy jazz tune, and some pretty technical riffs in there. Great work!
Good job man! The only thing that could make it better is a backing track. I didn't notice anything to crit as far as your playing goes!
Thanks a lot for the crits guys, I appreciate it.

I didn't record it with a backing track because its supposed to be solo guitar performance. Thats how it was done by Mr Pass! haha but it would sound cool with a backing track, I admit.
Not a fan of jazz, but still, well played. Checked out your trivium solos covers, and u are insane!!!
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