Hey guys my problem is confusing me. It seems im too scared to sing out loud so i kinda limit my voice range. One day i tried singing with more power and i could sing upper notes i cant when im more quiet. Can singing quiet limit my upper voice range?

This seems to be closest to my voice range.. and tone..
It can limit yourself. A singer has to train their voice to get used to singing in higher spaces.

However in the case that a singer 'pushes' too much with their voice, singing quieter will benefit because it teaches them where to resonate. But the singer still has to sing fully to truly train their coordination, they can't always whisper.

An untrained singer and trained singer can both 'hum' or 'whisper' a song in the exact same way, but the trained singer will have the ability to translate that upper space into vocals.
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Generally speaking singers project more than you would expect. It's very common to be able to sing quietly but when you start to get louder, your pitch and technique start to go down the drain. You'd be surprised how hard you have to sing to get a powerful and full sound much of the time - any flaws will be amplified 500% when you start recording or doing it live.
I find im better singing out loud then quietly

but there are some good excersises you can do to gain the ability to sing both quietly and loundly.... A good way of overcoming your fears is closing you eyes

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Well a human can't sing an Em since that's a chord

If you mean Eb3/E3, then that is a contralto voice.