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I have been looking for some bands that use a Fender Rhodes regularly on their records, and I thougt maybe you guys could help me out. Just throw names of bands and songs you can think of at me, as many as you can! I will look them up myself, so no need for links or embedded videos ...

Thank you
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Mahavishnu Orchestra - Jan Hammer used them...
Led Zeppelin - Listen to No Quarter, Misty Mountain Hop & Down by the Seaside!
Many things by Pink Floyd - Listen to Animals album, specially the intro on ''Sheep''

that's what I can remember right now...

EDIT: According to the web, ''Down by the Seaside'' was a Hohner Electric Piano, my bad...
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Radiohead "Everything in its right place"

Radiohead "Morning bell"

live performances:

Radiohead Karma Police on Letterman in 97 or something.
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