It has to be of a relatively big sample, and address the issues of

  • whether the SAT tests legitimate knowledge
  • if the SAT is an pure-intelligence test, an "effort" test, or a "coaching and testing ability based" test

This is important for a high-school project that I'm doing, because I hate the SAT and think that it's a pure BS test

The survey results don't have to agree with my opinion; I'm asking because I can't find any surveys on the SAT, only interviews and statistics
"I've got to do a test at school and it's BS" - every teenager, everywhere, ever.
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Frey and Detterman found SAT scores to correlate very highly with general mental ability (as measured by IQ). That's pretty good evidence for it's validity and more being a test of ability (including ability to learn) than being a matter of learning to the test.

disclaimer: I've no clue what a SAT test actually involves, or why they're taken. America confuses me to no end.
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Honestly, how badly did you bomb the SAT?

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I never took the SAT, but I think the ACT is bullshite. I got a 24 on the math but still did better in high school calculus than people who scored higher than me and was actually denied college credit because my score wasn't a 26.
Yeah, the math on those is shite. I'm a math major and I only got like a 26. My SAT math score was better. But they're college aptitude tests, and I would definitely agree that if you fail them, you are in no way prepared to go to college. I'd also say they have a super low ceiling, and anyone who's reasonably smart will get about the same score that Stephen Hawking would get if he took them.
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SAT I believe is bullshit. With some coaching I scored a 2210, but i did not deserve that 2210. I know only ONE kid who deserves that 2210, and he's a freaking genius. He teaches himself because he appreciates knowledge, reads Thus Spake Zarathustra "just because" before he even went to High School , writes timed 40-minute essays that are better than half my AP Lang class' final draft semester essays, with the vocabulary of an experienced lawyer...(you get the point)

He got a score in the 2300's, and no, I don't know how long he prepped or if he was coached.

Anyways, I did take a practice ACT and scored a 34 with no idea what the ACT tested; it was a part of my SAT coaching to figure out which test I was better suited for, but, as it turned out, I had to take the SAT because few schools in my area accept the ACT (as a viable and competitive substitute for the SAT).

Anyways, apparently even Princeton Review founder Katzman agrees that the SAT "is a scam" that doesn't measure anything and "continues to measure nothing", and that the only thing it officially predicts, freshman college grades, is practically unpredictable using the SAT. And he makes billions teaching kids the SAT.

I did get an interview from Bob Schaeffer, but no way in heck I'm using that because I know for a fact that he hates every aspect of the SAT, and he would continue fighting for its abolition even if it were proven and the general consensus of the US was that the test was perfect (which it is not).


Anyways, thank you leeb_rocks for that study. I will be reading all through that. If anyone has any other studies, please post them here.