Hey guys, I will be selling my guitar soon on eBay and I'd like to find out how much the mods will affect the price. I bought it off some guy 30 years ago. Darn, it won't let me post the eBay link. Another very similar guitar sold for $1650.00. Lets use that as a comparison to figure out how much mine is worth.

0. What does he mean by "Les Paul Set Neck?". Is that normal? I'd like to know if mine has that too.

1. His pick ups are black. My front pick up is chrome and the rear pickup is cream, or off white. It seems chrome pick ups are the most common. I am not sure of the brand model of my cream colored rear pickup. How much would this non original rear pick up drop the price of my guitar? Is it important for me to identify this pick up? How?

2. Mine has Grover tuners installed. How much would these non original tuners drop the price?

3. Mine has a gold bigsby in the case but not mounted on guitar. Not sure if its original but i will include it in the auction. The holes on the guitar are filled in.

4. The neck on my guitar has very little to no wear. Much better condition than the one in the link I posted. My guitar has never been cracked and never had repairs. My guitar is the same color as his.

5. How can I measure the fret wear?

Based on this info, could you give me a ball park figure of what mine would sell for. Plus answers to my questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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We're probably going to need pictures. Host them somewhere and embed them in a response.
I agree you would need pics to estimate a price. I don't have pics yet, and I've never hosted pics before. So for now forgot the overall price. The most important things I need to know are:

How much does having non original Grover tuners lower the price

How much does a non original rear pickup lower the price

How do I measure fret wear

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A couple of factors are:
1) Installation of said upgrades
2) comparative pricing from those that have sold.

You said yours is in better shape than one that sold for $1,650 - that's a good thing.
A collector would of course prefer a stock instrument, but one can always make alterations to get a guitar close to vintage-spec.
To check out your fret-wear, pull the strings to the side and eyeball the grooves on the fret wire. Is it significant wear? Are they grooved deeply? If so, you may want to have a refretting appraised by a tech just to see how significantly this will alter your selling price.

You may also want to try to identify the non-original pickup. Sometimes it's as simple as unscrewing it and lifting it out to see what's underneath; other times you may have to work a little Google magic.
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I looked through all the closed auctions and didn't see any with Grover tuners or a Creme colored rear pick up. I think I'll bring it to guitar center and see if they can identify my pickup. I will also try your fret check method tomorrow. Thanks.
No problem, keep us updated on how it goes, and post pics when you can