I remember this solo artist who had also been involved in other projects but put out this one particularly good pop-rock/indie-ish song by himself. I can't remember his name or the name of the bands he was associated with. All I remember is he had a music video for one particular song which I liked a lot in which he's in the forest and things are happening in reverse as he sings.

There's a moment where there are cheerleaders and football players like it's a high school pep rally but it's in the woods and everything is going on in reverse. I know it's vague as hell but if anyone happens to know who the artist is I'd really appreciate it. The song is from 2002-ish to 2010ish in terms of when it came out so it's not an old artist. At first I thought it was the lead singer from the kooks but after searching a bit I don't think it is although he sort of had the same look. Again, sorry for how vague it is but if anyone could help me remember I'd greatly appreciate it.
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