I get about an hour and a half in and I finally finish.

Now, since it's my first tab, I was wondering which difficulty level to put it under. I decide to click the "help" button right there, because that's what it's for, right?

Nope. It took me to a new page and before I could click stop it loaded and my tab was gone, even after I went back. You can blame me for clicking it or not saving it or whatever, but why isn't that link at least a popup menu? Couldn't there be an autosave feature?

Guess the tab will have to wait for another day.

Thanks, UG.
Just tabbed it out in about half the time, lol. Still, a better tabbing system would be very nice.
I think most people would tab it in something like Microsoft word in the correct font, save their file then just copy paste it into the upload tab box on the website.
Yeah, in future, work in notepad and save regularly.
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