GP are a 3 piece comedy rock band from England UK, formed in 2010.
Recorded some tracks, played some gigs, wrote more tracks, people love it.

Grott Party was founded with the premiss of being able to get drunk at gigs and have fun.
We all play in other bands and needed an outlet to create and entertain without worrying about "Making It"
Songs like 'Fat Girl' and 'Vote or Die' seem to get people pumped. Its been so much fun.

Bandcamp tracks:
GP Bandcamp

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Facebook Song feat Justin Bieber

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Get involved, download our tracks.
Critiques most welcome, we will use them as band reviews
I was expecting it to be silly and self indulgent, but I really liked it. Maybe not worrying is how you guys will "make it".
Cheers boss. Thanks for clicking!

The whole idea of "making it" just seems like an obscure hurdle that melts most bands.
If more people like our music than hate it, we've already made it

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