So my friend encouraged me to post my songs on here, or well the newest one at least but I figured I'll just share them all with you. I just finished the one called "Save Our Bluths" (obvious reference to some people). This is also my first post! Oh and I have no idea what my friend is called on here but I bet he'll respond to this post! I hope you'll like what you'll get to hear! Cheers!
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I listened to 3 of them and I cant really say much other than, are you expecting to record any of this?

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You know, some of it has been written without a guitar and these parts tend to get a bit too hard to play but I'll maybe record it in the future, we'll have to see about that. I just basically wanted to show people what I've been writing up until this point.
I agree with erra. more melody pleash.
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