I am a guitarplayer looking for musicians who want to collaborate online.
I have both original material and covers which I'm working on.
I have recording equipment and can also program parts on various VSTS including Piano and virtual Drums. If you work with Guitar Pro, tabbing is of course helpful.

Types of musicians needed: all, but I guess mostly vocalist\s & bassists.
This may sound too general, so as an example I recorded a cover of the song A Life Once Lost - Vulture (search for it on youtube) and I need a vocalist to sing/scream over it.

The important part of course is that you can record your parts on a recording software etc.
Genres: Punk rock, Stoner, Groove Metal, Thrash, Progressive, 80's metal. Extreme metal as well. Don't hesitate to reply or PM me!

I also write music for computer games if anyone wants that kind of collaboration.
Yeah guitar players are also welcome. BTW I already found a good vocalist for the song I mentioned above. Once I finish the mix I'll be moving to a different track, different metal genre probably, maybe an original this time.

I might share the mix here to attract more musicians (=