1 week ago , i played guitar as i used to do (thrashy & death riffing style ) but the last two days everytime i play i get an unhabitual tension on my triceps , shoulder and forearm ( the right picking hand ) and i cannot continue playing fast or for long time . i used to play 1 hour ( about 2 or 3 mins per song ) of riffing at high bpm ( at the gates , the absence , hypocrisy .. ) but now i cannot even complete 1 mins of riffing becuz of this tension ..
it feels like i'm losing my skills :S need help guys thnx
You are not losing your skills. Many guitarist have this problem. All you should do is simply stretch before you play those high speed riffs. If you still feel pain then stop doing high speed stuff and do some simple finger exercises to help get your fingers relaxed or maybe a slow breakdown or something. Also taking a day off can do wonders.