THUNDERFORGE, a power metal band from Springfield/East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, is looking for a drummer.

Our music can be heard on Facebook or our Bandcamp. The two songs we have uploaded are more or less on opposite sides of the spectrum of our sound, with Harbinger being our heaviest and Hold On being our most ballad-y, with a few more yet-to-be-recorded songs that fall somewhere in between.

Those interested should be prepared to play both recorded songs, as well as do a few on the spot jams in a few different styles (jazz, funk, odd time signatures etc.). Our rehearsal space has a drum kit, so no need to bring one. Strong double bass chops necessary.

Band members are aged 20-23.

Ability to do backing vocals (clean vocals, we're not a harsh-vocal band) a plus.

PM me if interested and I'll get you in touch with the other band members.