We have been together almost two years. We have some amazing original material. We threw in some cool cover songs (Tool / Deftones / System of a Down etc) to help us get gigs but nothing is working.
What are we doing wrong?????
We've never really had problems getting gigs (although I'm usually the one actually planning and arranging etc, our drummer is best at that), so I can't comment much here but I would recommend posting in the Bandleading forum. You'll probably get more responses there.

One thing I would point out though is that you call your original material amazing. It's not bad to think of yourselves that way, just try to avoid sounding too arrogant when you talk about your band (don't talk yourelf down either, though. There's a delicate balance). I think people get turned off if you act like you're the coolest thing that could ever happen to their venue (I'm not saying you do, but I've met several bands who do act that way, and we don't see them around town much anymore).
Get some demo recordings sent round to local promoters, find out the promoters of existing gigs and request to be kept in mind for future gigs. Or put on a gig yourself, rent out a small venue and fill it with friends and music