I used to feel awkward and didn't like the way I sang, usually just mumbling while playing guitar to myself
Now though, although I haven't heard my voice recorded, It just feels right to me now, I don't know how long it will last but I am actually enjoying singing,
Is it playing the guitar which helps you sing, I imagine over the years I've been internally subconsciously practicing singing and remembering lyrics

Any thoughts?

I've been playing guitar about 10 years now
Just had a quick go, didn't sound great but definitely improved, and bearable to listen to my own voice,
I need to be confident on a song and know the lyrics well, which im getting better at, like Bob Dylan said "I'll know my song well before I start singing"
I also can't stand the way I sound. I think a lot of people may be that way due to the fact that you hear your own voice differently. I think hearing your own voice just takes some getting used to.
Agreed Milan999.

I too am not overly fond of my timbre. Many vocalists I look up to, all admit to damaging their vocal cords. I sometimes wonder if that's the secret to singing better. :P
Interesting. I too have noticed a huge improvement in my singing. I used to (and still kinda do) think that I really sucked, but lately two people have came out and said I have "the voice of an angel."

Most of what I sing is folk, indie, and blues. I definitely agree that damaged vocal chords are very beneficial.

I genetically have very poor vocal chords (a doctor told my mother that she had more nodules than anyone he has ever seen and she does not sing) and am a serious cigar smoker (among other vices) and have noticed a sort of grit, like a william elliott whitmore kind of thing, that I have been able to tap into and turn on and off lately. It really separates me from alot of people my age (18)

Plus, Tom Waits is a big influence for me, so I just love gritty singers.
- Cody

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