My pickup selector switch on my telecaster doesn't seem to want to stay in place. It sort of just sits there for some of the positions and doesn't really lock into place. I have to guess where to put it for the middle/neck position. Also, if I hit it while strumming it doesn't take much to knock it out of place.
It has 5 positions by the way.
I don't want to have to take it apart (But I assume I would have to) or would I be better off taking it to a professional to have it set up?
My guitar has 3 pickups. When I bought it, all 5 switch positions were fine. It didn't have this problem until about a month ago.
The switch is probably worn out/broken. It is a very simple fix, but you will need a soldering iron and a wire stripper. It will probably take you an hour start to finish. Just take the new selector switch and solder the leads in the same manner as the existing switch is soldered.

You can cut the old switch out, or desolder it. Just don't melt the insulation on the wire (it is quite thin).

While you are at it, you can replace one of the knobs with a push/pull and turn it into a 7 sound telecaster. With a 5 way switch you are missing all three pickups active at once, and the bridge and neck pickup. The bridge/neck combo on a telecaster would probably sound cool. It does on a stratocaster.

If you are not comfortable doing this it would probably cost $50 or less to have the switch done at a store. A little bit more if adding a push pull switch knob.