Wow, when I saw acoustic and folk in the tags, I was expecting just singing and a guitar. When the sound hit me, it really blew me away! Everything sounds great, and the song itself is really well written. I love the string section effect in the background. You've got a lot of talent, please keep up the good music!
First of all i love your voice and your choice of reverb for the vocal. Fits really nicely with the swell synth pad/strings(?) you have going in the background. The piano sounds like it may be a little out of tune, but its not a huge issue. Overall i like it, nice one!
Really nice mood, reverby, dreamy and all and I just dig the hell out of it. Flows all nice, confidently melancholy. Nice warm bass too, good vocals. I would be very proud of this.
Wow! I wasn't expecting that! Sounds really good mate I really like the simplicity of the track to be honest. It helps in accentuating the parts that need to be heard such as the vocals throughout.

I think you could turn the bass down a bit, just slightly and the reverb on the vocals could use some less mix. Maybe a slightly 'darker' reverb? I dont know if you get what i mean. Production wise, you could do a lot with this, maybe i could help you with that? I am a producer haha

But all in all, great job man! I would listen to this. Will follow you

Keep it up
Hmm don't really get what you mean with darker? Truth is I've been struggling with reverb a lot, can't really seem to get it the way I want. I'd love to have a reverb like "City and Colour - Northern Wind" type but it's really difficult.

Thank you guys btw
Hey man, Thanks for the crit:

Solid recording - you've got a good clean recording. Only thing production-wise I could say would that the drums have a slightly harsh compression but it's still not too intrusive.

As far as the song goes, it's not what I would normally listen to, but you've got a great voice that's interesting to listen to. Piano parts are very well done as well - are you playing them? Good either way to be honest.

Cool piece man, you suit this style.
The piano parts are beautiful, and this song is very well-recorded and well-produced. I really don't have any complaints except that as the song progresses, you should add in some tracks to give it a more complex feel. Some extra vocal tracks on all the choruses except the first could really help, and adding in some extra guitar melodies on the extended part of the last chorus would give it a much more interesting feel. Still, this was great; well done.