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Alright guys I'm looking for a bass head, I've got about £300 to spend, I play in a hardcore punk band so needs to be suited for that. Any recommendations would be great because this is the first bass amp I've bought, cheers.
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If you don't mind buying something used then an Ashdown MAG 600 is within your price range.
If you want something brand new, Little Marks and Ampegs look quite tasty and you should be able to get something between 250w to 300w for £300.
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I've been looking at the Hartke 3500 but seen mixed reviews? I could probably stretch the budget to 350.
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Hartke 3500 is a solid amp, I wish I'd bought one when I had the chance. The LH500 is also pretty nice, and loud as balls.
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Cool ill check it out. Oh yeah forgot to mention I don't mind buying a used amp.
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I second Hartke HA3500 and LH500. They are clear amps, they won't color your tone very much, but are loud and nice. Plenty of volume.
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