Hey, I'm a vocalist with about 3 years of experience of well, doing vocals!
My primary vocal technique is "Power fry", but I can also do "False chord" vocals to a certain extent.
I prefer not to tho, seeing as I don't think I'm at the point where it sounds good enough to be used in a recording.
I have a friend who could assist in doing some awesome false chord vocals tho, so that's not a problem haha.
I can also mix/program various instruments, but I'm pretty much an "advanced beginner" at it so don't expect much.
The only real problem I have is my lyric writing "skills", they barely exist.

Looking for:
I'm looking for a guitarist for basically a 2-3 man project, preferably not a full band.
You'll need some decent gear, audio card and that stuff, as well as being an experienced guitarist.
Would be awesome if you have a 7+ string guitar (and actually did use all the strings).
Would be even more awesome if you had a bass as well and/or drums.

You should be able to mix, you don't have to be the best at it, just good enough to mix your ideas down so I don't have to listen to a clean guitar and guess what it would sound like distorted. Preferably able to program VSTI's as well.
You should also be able to write down your material in Guitar Pro or in MIDI.
It's really annoying to program instruments to just a audio track.

If I can't find anyone able to do this I guess a full band is the only other option.
Same basic stuff applies tho, good gear and all that.

Anyway, here are a few the of bands that I like, I'd prefer something in a similar style:
And Hell Followed With, AngelMaker, Dawning of the Inferno, Decades of Despair, Incarpathia, Rings of Saturn,
Son Of Aurelius, The Battle Within, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Browning, The Crimson Armada, The Holy Guile,
The Southern Oracle, Thy Art Is Murder, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Whitechapel
Preferably something melodic or techincal, fast paced, sweeps/solos and all that stuff, but it's not a must.

I have a couple of vocal covers up on my YouTube channel Exitr0.
Check out the most recent ones so you can hear what I sound like because this site doesn't seem to like youtube links for some reason. I can also send some more material on Skype.

So yeah if it sounds interesting then leave a reply here or PM me here/on YouTube.
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I am a guitar player who has an 8 string guitar and can use all of those strings, can program drums quite decently and have a way to record bass. I am not a very good mixer/producer/etc, but I kind of know what sounds good to my ears and what doesn't. I also have Guitar Pro 5.2 on my computer, which is really useful. Of course I am not a guitar god and all, but I'm still good I guess. I have a deathcore band so I know how to write some similar riff and what sounds to overused, etc.

TL;DR: Interested guitar player, can do most of what you want.

PM me for more details if you wish to work with me, because I watched some of your covers and would LOVE to work with you.
Ayy there
I'm a bassist. I don't have a 5 string like I wish I had, but I have a lot of experience. I have the essential recording hardware and mixing software, and I'm willing to contribute some bass riffs to any band that seems brutal enough for me!