If you bought or are contemplating buying a Musicyo era Kramer, know that some of them are awesome guitars............If you are mechanically inclined, able to think and perform repairs and service, and able to spot a manufacturing mistake that causes a perfectly good guitar to underperform.

Exibit A:

This picture is the locking nut from a floyd rose equipped Kramer neck-thru FR404SDL ("L" being for "lefty")

Like the dread pirate roberts, I am not left handed.

If you don't immediately see something is wrong here, keep staring at it and it will become apparent.

Other than this and possibly dodgy electronics, the guitar itself is as sweet as a ninja whaling on a guitar from his hiding place in a tree.

My only question is "how many guitars went out with this "lot" of locking nuts?"

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Well, the licensed hardware isn't always the best. In this case, decidedly not.

Off topic, is that a Z32 that you're using for a backdrop?
Once the hardware dimensions are made correct, there should be no difference in operation between OFR and even the cheapest stuff other than wear issues that depend on the quality of the materials used.

The biggest wear issues I find are the posts and the edge where the trem. meets them as well as one should know that you get fewer shots at adjustments that require turning screws.......because the metal and the machined threads are usually lower quality.

That is a 1991 3000GT VR4 behind the mis-machined locking nut.

I do have experience with all Z cars but the 350z and later but my Z car area of specialty is in engine management and inline nissan engines.

Sadly.....no nissans at work.
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The 3000GT was the only TT import I didn't think of.... figures. You say inline engines, I suppose you mean more SR20, KA24, and Z series engines than RB and L series?
I tend to shy away from the the more common recipe of SR20 in a S13 and gravitate toward L28s and VH engines.

The 3000gt is my brother's car that he took completely apart 5 years ago and it sat occupying space in dad's garage in atlanta.........so I got it home to florida to put it back together.

He even took all of the dowels out (and lost them) so a lot of trips to the junkyard have been needed.

It's not a good idea to take one of them apart as your introduction to working on cars.
That's especially true of those cars. All the VR4's (and their Dodge equivalents ) that I've had any dealings with have spent more time in the shop than on the road. The TT powertrain is certainly not for the faint of heart. I wouldn't want to imagine one as a basket case. Good luck!
Here's a couple of pics of the guitar.......and a crossmember my little brother decided he needed to clean the grease off of shortly before he took the car apart.

It was purchased for the neck-thru and I was going to saw off the wings and do a custom body but that bright red color scared off the saw.

It's been restrung back to lefty but waiting for new nut before I set up intonation.

Anyone know if the back of the neck profile is assymetrical (cross section looking a bit like a teardrop) or simply elliptical?

Replaced the nut with one for 15 bucks on ebay and it is exactly the same........except that the screw holes were machined at the correct angle.

Finding a lefty nut was a bit difficult but they are different than a standard right handed one.

Screwed right in and fits perfectly with the same height as well.

It's restrung back to lefty, intonation is set, and I'm waiting for a few days for the neck get used to string pressure again before setting final action height.

I wish I could find one exactly the same condition and color as this one in right handed so I will have to sell this one.........unless I can find one to trade to someone who is lefty and has one that is right handed.
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Got the car started and confirmed engine I rebuilt is sound with no noises and good oil pressure.

Took out the rear driveshaft to test the center differential by letting out the clutch with it removed and seeing what goes on.

This test allows me to see if the viscous center differential is seized, burnt open, or working as designed.

Still have a ton of stuff to put back on the car since I did the minimum to run the engine and make sure it was sound.

Guitar is for sale on miami craigslist but I am changing the strings again from 009s to 010s and will get the intonation as good as possible but, if the buyer wants me to set a certain string gauge and action height, I will do that for him because I live by my reputation of always doing the best work possible.

If I could find the exact same guitar in as good condition and color in right handed, I would gladly do a trade but I haven't yet seen one in mint condition like this one.