I think the two things that are making this song not pop the way it could are:

-Too much reverb
-Mix is uneven, as in the backing track and vocals are not in a good balance with each other

Your voice can handle this song, but in some instances you are just VERY slightly not hitting the note. Overall though, it wasn't bad at all man. Keep practicing! Much better singer than I'll ever be hahaha

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Yeah I have come to agree with you on the reverb, it felt like a good idea at the time haha.

Hmm, not sure about what you mean by an uneven mix though, might have a bit to do with how I've sung it as I haven't listened to the original all that much before making a cover, so maybe I'm just a little off.

Yeah I'm not actually a singer, more of a guitarist, so I have a lot to improve on in pitch.

Thanks for the crit! I'll give yours a shot.
I thought it was good! A few things though: you sound like you've got a pretty good grasp on pitch, minus a few hiccups here and there, which is good. Your range is good for the song which isn't common. However, it sounds like you're straining a lot to sing this. You should work on your breathing and giving each note the correct amount of air to sing it better; listen to the original how each note sounds 'full' and not necessarily breathy or relaxed, but like he's comfortable singing this. You also seem to focus a lot on the tone of the notes, which is okay, but concentrate first on allocating your breath for each note/word and THEN add the tone in. A lot of potential though!

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Thanks for the crit. Highly appreciated!

Not entirely sure if I can notice much tension in my breathing, as I usually feel pretty focused in that regard, but I'll definitely take it into consideration next time I am singing. I do have a lot of work to do and there is lots of room for improvement.
One thing that I will point out is I have tried to achieve a different vocal sound and style over the original, which is where the comparison might not be up to scratch.

Thanks again.
As someone said above about it being drenched in reverb - I agree :p . your singing is pretty good, but it sounds like it's not synced with the song fully (but that might be the issue in your recording program). When you did the eh-sound for when singing "killing m-EH" did you find that to be easier than doing the "EE" like Brandon do in the song?. A tip is to break down the song into segments and find what works best for each segment - that way you'll get a more consistent performance . C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1594876
The reverb didn't really affect my opinion on it, I suppose that's a personal choice. As for the singing itself, you might try some vocal warm-ups. You seem to get the pitch but you don't always sustain the note, and sometimes when you do you go flat near the end. Just make sure you've prepared your voice for those long notes.

**The above doesn't really apply to the end, because you nailed that.

Overall, not bad for a beginning singer, more practice and you should be in good shape!

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