Hey guys, Troy here. I am the lead guitarist for my band, Go By Night. We play alternative punk, but you know that already. We've been playing together for a year now and have been writing for just as long. We just recently self-recorded an EP. Be aware, this was our first time recording anything for ourselves. Even with all the sound equipment we have, and our bassist has a lot, it was learning experience, and our LP we have been working on will be better.

Check it out here if you'd like: http://gobynight.bandcamp.com/
Download it for free even, that's great! Tell all your friends! If you have friends that is...

Like it? You can find us on Facebook. From there you can even find all our other sites as we periodically get them up and running: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Go-By-Night/187630461359023

Have a good one. Keep on keepin' on. Thank you for your time.