which guitar would be the best one to buy?
1.B.C Rich flying V (kerry king tribal)
2.Washburn Dime 36G16 Electric Guitar
3.jackson flying v jenna jameson signature series guitar

Help Me Out PLEASE!!

i used to have the KKV tribal!! I was like 12 and this pawn shop told me it was really messed up so I sold it to them for like 40 bucks (not having a clue of anything at the time.) To this day i regret it, and i feel like taking a AK down to the pawn shop and loading it up lol (I'm not really going to). ****ing scammers these days, taking advantage of kids
Have you tried playing any of them yet? Thats the only way to decide which you like best, anyone elses opinion will be different to yours.
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Biggest piece of advice I can give you, play all three first and trust your gut instinct.

On a different note, I wasn't aware that Jenna Jameson had a signature Jackson, whatever next?
Not a flying v fan so I'd say none.

I'd go with a Ibanez rg7321 they come with great sounding pickups.

If you looking for a starter axe though an Epiphone SG will get you juices flowing. Overall great feel and it isn't shaped funny in my opinion.