Anyone know if these are decent? Found one for $170. Any info would be great
they are loaded with blue marvel speakers... which people don't generally prefer.

the cab most likely went for a few hundred bucks new.

i would personally wait for another cab to come my way, but if you want a budget 4x12 to play with then i say go for it.
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I wouldn't pay over $100 for one (though honestly I wouldn't buy one period).

I bought my MS412 for $120.
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i have gotten nice 4x12's loaded with celestions multiple times for $200 or less pretty much all being british. another example if you consider a line 6 cab i bought for $50 and traded for a kustom cab (not the best cab) that was loaded with british t75's straight up.

i wouldn't pay more that a hundred for that, unless you are desperate. people dump cabs for really cheap on CL all the time around here.
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