Hey guys,

We are two students from Sweden and are about to do research for our final dissertation. We are in need of information about how you would buy a guitar, would be great if you could help us.

In more detail our questions are
- where and when do you collect information about the guitar?
- do you seek additional advise? If so, where and from whom?
- where do you ultimately buy the guitar? why?

Many thanks for your help :-)
1. I'm on a lot of guitar-oriented forums like this one; also Flatpicker's Hangout, Acoustic Guitar Forum, Fingstyle Guitar Forum, Resonator Hangout...
Bunches. So I do a lot of reading. I used to subscribe to Guitar Player, but haven't for years. I do get the monthly catalogues from Musician's Friend and Guitar Center, and also the Taylor Guitars magazine they give you if you buy one of theirs...

2. Additional advice... I've been playing for about 35 years, so if I'm looking for a new axe I will find one and go play it. Also, I might look for reviews from reputable sources on YouTube.

4. Locally, the best outlet is still Guitar Center. They have a big stock and you can play anything they have... The smaller boutique shops can't match the price. I don't need any after-the-sale assistance, unless it's a warranty item.
- where and when do you collect information about the guitar?
Manufacturers website. Best place to find the details but I always avoid the soundclips - They always tend to be too good. An average youtube video is always the best shout.
- do you seek additional advise? If so, where and from whom?
I generally just get myself to a local guitar shop & give them a try. The feel of a guitar is the most important factor for me. I would never compensate on the feel of the instrument for a good sound.
- where do you ultimately buy the guitar? why?
Used through gumtree/ebay. Usually try and drive to look over & buy the guitar in person to avoid buying a badly described guitar. I would never buy new again unless I was something really specific & nothing used comes up.
Go read the sticky's on the front page of our Forum. There is heaps of info there. Cheers
Thanks a lot for your answers !

@Bikewer: Do we understand correctly that you would then buy the guitar where you played it or would you also consider buying the same model at a different store?
Thanks for explaining
i do research at acoustic guitar forum, a variety of store websites (i find that elderly.com, laguitarsales.com and maurysmusic.com have very complete information) and manufacturers' websites.

i may buy the guitar at the store i try it in first if the individual guitar in store is in good shape and the price isn't too much higher than it is at reliable online stores. but i do like to try more than one of the same model if possible, so i may play that guitar at several stores. since i live by a large number of music stores, that's often not a problem. that being said, if the guitar sounds great, feels great and is in good condition, i'll buy it at the first store i try it in.

sometimes i'll buy a lower end guitar online based soley on price. i bought a b stock seagull parlor based only on price and lack of expectation, and was quite happy with it for a while.
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Thanks Patticake, you brought up an interesting topic. You said you liked to try more than one guitar of the same model, could you please explain a little bit why you do that?

@ everyone else, do you do the same? and why?